Terms and Conditions

We expect our client to go through all the term & condition before settling an agreement with web designing services Pakistan

  • We cannot be forced to do marketing of any illegal or unethical business websites or products that are against the national law.
  • By signing in the contract with us, you agree that you will not attempt to violate or fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions that we have stated or mentioned in the agreement.
  • The agreement between the company and the client is not allowed to replicate or resell to another client without prior written or signed consent.
  • While you agree to our contract, you agree to all our terms and conditions and accept the process we follow
  • Web designing services expect their customers to pay 50% advance to start with the project to minimize risk 
  • After project completion we would like our client to do the full payment so we can deliver them complete files
  • Any client who wishes to take our services should give us confirmation via a proper platform and sign the agreement before we will start the work.